Friday, August 30, 2013

The Sunday Haul

Last Sunday at Abids I found two books. Actually, one book I picked up at a seller in Chikkadpally on the way to Abids. It was John M Harrison’s ‘Travel Arrangements’ which is a collection of fourteen short stories. The stories in it are .Old Women, Small Heirlooms, The Gift, The Horse of Iron and How We Can Know It, Gifco, Anima, Empty, Seven Guesses of the Heart, I Did It, The East, Suicide Coast, The Neon Heart Murders, Black Houses, and Science & the Arts. I got this book for only thirty rupees which was quite a ridiculous price for something like that.

The other find was by an author I got to know only recently. Sometime back I had picked up ‘Dead and Gone’ by Andrew Vachss. I found another book by the same author titled ‘Hard Candy’ which I couldn’t resist buying after I looked at the cover.

I learnt that the Best Books sale is happening from the first of September and as usual, is likely to be for a fortnight at the least. I hope to find some really good titles at the sale that begins the day after tomorrow.

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