Saturday, September 14, 2013

FOUR POST FRIDAY: The Sunday Haul (4/4)

This is the last of the four posts today. Read the others too.

This is the haul I made on the Sunday before this, the Sunday before I left for Bengaluru on yet another trip on official work. As usual it was a normal Sunday, sunny and ordinary. We begin our routine in the usual way, with chai at the cafĂ© and conversation about books, writing, movies and also people, for sometime before heading off for the hunt. I did not expect to find anything great. Also, I had planned to visit the second hand bookstores on MG Road in Bengaluru later in the week and so wasn’t exactly in the mood to buy anything at Abids that day. But later on I found Jean Paul Sartre’s ‘Words’ at a seller near the GPO. I vaguely remember that I had already bought a copy of this book a long time back but I still picked it up.

Earlier in the day I had read ‘The Literary Review’ in 'The Hindu' since it was the first Sunday of the month. There was the announcement of the dates of the Hindu Lit Fest which were sometime in January next year. I had planned to attend the previous version which was sometime last year but I had to cancel at the last minute. I hope I get to attend the Lit Fest next year. On the last page of the supplement I read Navtej Sarna’s column where he had written about Paul Auster’s ‘Winter Journal’ which I was thrilled to realize I had with me. Sometime back this year I had picked up this copy at Abids. The copy I picked up was an uncorrected proof but I hope it has most of the original intact without many changes.

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