Friday, October 18, 2013

The Sunday Haul

Since I was at office last Sunday because of the Phailin cyclone it wasn’t possible for me to make my usual Sunday trip to Abids to hunt for books. I hadn’t posted on Friday about the haul on the previous Sunday too because of the same reason. I am just putting up the pictures of the books I found with the minimum explanation.
The first find was Syd Field’s ‘Screenplay’ at Chikkadpally and which I got for only thirty rupees. I already have a copy of this book but I bought it not because I thought having two copies would make me a better screenwriter but for the price. I haven’t come across any title of Syd Field for nothing less than three hundred bucks anywhere in Abids or second hand bookstores in Hyderabad.
The second find was Shashi Deshpande’s ‘The Binding Vine’ that I found at Abids for fifty rupees. I found James Ellroy’s ‘My Dark Places’ which is an autobiography next and got it for hundred bucks. The last find was a treasure- Murakami’s ‘Wind-up Bird Chronicle’ that I got from a seller at RTC X-Roads for only hundred rupees. Interestingly, this is the second Murakami title I found at this particular seller.
I am pleased that I have two titles of this year’s Nobel winner-Alice Munro. I have ‘Dance of the Happy Shades’ and also ‘Moons of Jupiter’ that I have read long back.

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