Friday, December 27, 2013

FRIDAY DOUBLE POST: Post- 1/2; 2013 HAUL-1

In 2013 I picked up a total of 167 books from Abids, second hand book sales and stores in Hyderabad and also at Delhi, Bangalore making it the biggest haul I’ve had so far. This haul doesn’t include a couple of books I bought online and also the books I received as gifts from friends and family. This list also includes multiple copies of books by my favourite authors like Dave Barry, Somerset Maugham, Arun Joshi .

Though the number of books seems very high I do not think I have spent more than five thousand rupees on them. In any case it may not be more than ten thousand rupees which isn’t much considering some of the wonderful titles that I’ve found. In another post I will list out some of the best finds of 2013. There will also be another post where I will list out all the 65 + books that I’ve managed to read during the year.

The Big Nowhere’ by James Ellroy
‘Problems and Other Stories’ by John Updike
The Road Less Travelled’ Scott M Peck
‘Small Vices’ by Robert B. Parker
‘Stories from the Warm Zone & Sydney Stories’ by Jessica Andersen

‘The Big Sleep’ by Raymond Chandler
‘The Little Sister’ by Raymond Chandler
‘The Rings of Saturn’ by W.G. Sebald
‘Blood Meridian’ by Cormac McCarthy
‘Islands’ by Alistair MacLeod
‘The Lost Salt Gift of Blood’ by Alistair MacLeod
‘Indian Summer’ by James Cameron
‘A Most Truthful Picture and Other Stories’ by Ashokamitran
‘Shining Through’ by Susan Isaacs
‘Dead and Gone’ by Andrew Vachss

MARCH ( 22)

‘Felicia’s Journey’ William Trevor
‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac
‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ by Haruki Murakami
‘The Good Soldier’ by Ford Maddox Ford
‘The Foreigner’ by Arun Joshi
‘Cider with Rosie’ Laurie Lee
‘Finding the Centre’ by VS Naipaul
’84 Charing Cross Road’ Helene Hanff
‘Screenwriting’ by Raymond G. Frensham
‘Andalucia ’ by Nicholas Luard
‘Dork’ by Sidin Vadukut
‘The Quran’
‘Coming Into the Country’ by John McPhee
‘Crazy Bombay’ by Gangadhar Gadgil
‘The Strange Case of Billy Biswas’ by Arun Joshi
‘The Last Labyrinth’ by Arun Joshi’
‘Early Autumn’ by Robert B. Parker
‘A Catskill Eagle’ by Robert B. Parker
‘Now and Then’ by Robert B. Parker
‘Four Graves and Other Stories’ by Manohar Malgonkar
‘The Woman and Other Stories’ by Gangadhar Gadgil
‘I Lost It at the Movies’ by Pauline Kael

APRIL ( 21 )

‘October Coup’ by Mohammed Hyder
‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ by Jean Rhys
‘The Summing Up’ by Somerset Maugham
‘Mahabharata’ by Shanta Rameshwar Rao
‘The Blind Rider’ by Juan Goytisolo
‘The Strange Case of Billy Biswas’ by Arun Joshi
‘The Maltese Falcon’ by Dashiell Hammett
‘The Taming of the Screw’ by Dave Barry
‘Travels with Herodotus’ by Ryszard Kapuscinski
‘The Colours of Evil’ by Ashokamitran
‘Austerlitz’ by W.G. Sebald
‘Bird by Bird’ by Anne Lamott
‘Collected Poems’ by AK Ramunajam
‘Anthills of the Savannah’ by Chinua Achebe
‘Red Harvest’ by Dashiell Hammett
‘The Gathering’ by Anne Enright
‘The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch’ by Anne Enright
‘Casino Moon’ by Peter Blauner
‘To Live or Not to Live’ by Nirad C. Chaudhri
‘Fiction Writer’s Handbook’ Hallie & Whit Burnett
‘The Foreigner’ by Arun Joshi

MAY ( 9 )

‘All About H. Hatterr by G.V. Desani
‘The Slow Train to Milan’ Lisa St Aubin de Teran
‘It Rained All Night’ by Buddhadeva Bose
‘Islands of the Marigold Sun’ by Suresh Vaidya
‘Stardust’ by Robert B. Parker
‘Of Human Bondage’ by Somerset Maugham
‘The Thirty Nine Steps’ by John Buchan
‘My Name is Aram’ by William Saroyan
‘Five Dollar Smile’ by Shashi Tharoor

JUNE ( 12 )

‘Poodle Spring’ by Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker
‘Hindoo Holiday’ by AJ Ackerley
‘Arrow of God’ by Chinua Achebe
‘The Stone Cutter’ by Camilla Lackberg
‘The Harmony Silk Factory’ by Tash Aw
‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ by Ken Kesey
‘Mahaprasthanam’ by Sri Sri
‘Khadga Srusthi’ by Sri Sri
‘The Shadow of the Sun’ by Ryszard Kapuscinski
‘Tigers are Better Looking’ by Jean Rhys
‘Shadow from Ladakh’ by Bhabani Bhattacharya
‘In Pharaoh’s Army’ by Tobias Wolff

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