Friday, January 24, 2014

The Sunday Haul

Another glorious Sunday. Another wonderful half hour in a cafe at Abids chatting with friends about books, writing, movies and about the latest gossip. Later I found two books. The first find was in a heap of books selling for only twenty rupees. It is quite an experience digging into a heap scattered haphazardly and coming with up a gem of a book. This Sunday I found Vivian Gornick's 'Fierce Attachments' that is a memoir. I like to read autobiographies and memoirs and did not miss the chance to pick up this book.
The second find was Kyle Onstott's 'Mandingo' that is difficult to find. I have a copy that I found sometime last year and I did not want to let go of this copy since I was getting it for only forty rupees. It is the edition that I had found. It tells of the horrors of slavery and one scene in which a slave is killed by boiling him alive and spearing him to death is too horrific, and something very difficult to get out of the mind. One should read it to realize how the slaves were treated in America.

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