Friday, July 03, 2015

The Sunday Haul

Two weeks into the month of Ramzan and the crowds of shoppers doesn't seem to have made many stores at Abids open their shops on Sunday also. It meant that many of the second hand book sellers at Abids could be found at their old places before the store fronts at Abids. Maybe next week things would be different I thought as I began the search for books along with my friends last Sunday at Abids. It was a sunny morning and quite a pleasant day to look for books.
In my continuing bid to read books by Indian writers of the early nineties I keep an eye out for such titles. Last Sunday I found 'Whirlwind' by NS Phadke. 'Whirlwind' is the English translation of the author's original novel written in Marathi. I read that the novel was also serialized in the Çaravan magazine in 1951. The novel is published by Jaico Books and the copy I found was in a good condition. I got it for just twenty rupees.
Recently I had thought of resurrecting my Len Deighton collection when I found 'Faith' a couple of weeks back. This Sunday I found 'Spy Line' in a heap of books selling for thirty rupees. It was in good condition and I think not very soon I will be able to find the other seven titles that make up the three trilogies.
The other day while browsing at a second hand bookstore in Punjagutta I came across a nice copy of Joseph Conrad's 'The Heart of Darkness' that I got quite cheap at fifty rupees only. Sometime back I had found a copy of this title but since it is difficult to find I thought I would buy it.

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