Friday, August 05, 2016

Nine Years On and The Sunday Haul

I’m a bit surprised that I’ve managed to keep this blog running for nine years. I am not known to be tenacious at anything that requires regular effort so last week when I noticed that I have completed nine years of blogging I felt pleased. While thinking of what could have made me keep this blog afloat for so long two things struck me as possible factors. One was that the time this job in the government that allowed me to write sometimes in the office. Sometimes I go through days with almost nothing to do and on such days I try to fill the time by reading and writing which is far better than chatting with colleagues. The second factor is that the fear of becoming just another boring bureaucrat must have made me keep on writing the blog so that I have something to show that I am something more than a mere file pusher. Anyway I am pleased that this blog has now crept into its tenth year. If I keep at it for another year it means that I’ve done it for almost half of my service in the government. It is thanks to all those who follow this blogo and also to those who aren’t followers but who read this blog regularly and leave comments occasionally.
One thing I regret is that I am not travelling as much as I wish to. I haven’t been anywhere exotic or even far off sine long other than that single trip to the Andamans that I made exactly ten years ago. It seems highly unlikely that I’ll make another such trip given that I am not longer young. I am fifty three now in case you didn’t know.

However what lessens the frustration of not having travelled much is the travel books I keep finding and read. Except for a couple of travel writers like Patrick Leigh Fermor I think I’ve found books by almost all the big names in travel literature like Wilfred Thesiger, Jan Morris, and Pico Iyer. I even have a copy of Moritz Thomsen’s ‘The Saddest Pleasure’ that I found a couple of years ago at Abids. The Sunday before last I had found a list of travel titles in a book I found at Abids and I realized that there are many travel writers and their books that I do not know about. It humbled me, honestly. Last Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to find another travel title by a writer I haven’t heard anywhere before. Since it was a Penguin title I literally pounced on it to grab it like before anyone could set their eyes on it.

The title I found was ‘West of Centre’ by Ray Ericksen and it was, as the blurb on the cover says ‘A Journey of Discovery into the Heartland of Australia’ and I have kept it aside as my next immediate read.


Maya Varde said...

Congratulations sir ! Blogging for 9 years is indeed an achievement !

Rajendra said...

If you want some travel recommendations, try Cambodia. I found it interesting.

Vinod Ekbote said...

Maya Varde, thank you. It wouldn't have been possible without support of readers like you :) Thanks once again.

Harimohan said...

Well done Vinod bhai! As always it calls for a chai and bajji treat at the next meeting.
I would also like you to seriously consider guiding a 'Weekly Sunday Second Hand Book Tour' at Abids to keep this going. I think its time you annouce the tour - a meet up, a chai, discuss books, buy books, chai and biscoot, exchange addresses - part ways. I'd love to be part of that tour and would gladly pay for it too. (Also a gift or exhchange-a-book program - ah many possibilities).

Pattu Raj said...

Its great to be able to collect book, and greater to share the experience with readers..Nine years.. a nice flow of posts. To readers like me, hosts of new authors to explore.. Thanks and all the bests.

Vinod Ekbote said...

Thank you, Vetrimagal for your encouragement through your regular comments on my blog.