Friday, May 16, 2014


On Sunday I found nothing worthwhile at Abids to take home. However I had seen a title by Molly Keane but now I cannot recollect the title. I was rereading Dirk Bogarde’s ‘For the Time Being’ that has some wonderful reviews of good books and also bad books. Only the other day I read in it that Molly Keane is a writer worth reading and Bogarde had written that her ‘Loving and Giving’ was very good. However, it wasn’t this title that I saw at Abids and hence did not buy it. I decided to check again next week and buy it. I walked away from the heap in which it was lying with the hope that next Sunday it is still around because I do not want to miss it.
One Dave Barry title that I am desperate to find is ‘Boogers are My Beat’ that I haven’t been able to find anywhere all these years. Since I am a firm believer in the saying that everything comes to the man who waits I waited in teh hope that sooner or later this book would turn up somewhere. Yesterday afternoon I slipped out from the office and decided to go to the Unique Book Centre now shifted from Nampally to Lakdikapul. My heart gave a leap when I saw ‘Boogers Are My Beat’ in one of the shelves and immediately picked it up. It was a long wait and though I want to say it was worth it I cannot since I had to shell out nearly two hundred rupees for it.

‘Boogers Are My Beat’ has more than pieces, all of them no doubt very hilarious to read because the first line in the first piece titled ‘Introduction’ itself had me in splits. I can never get enough of Dave Barry’s humour. I feel very lucky to have found it just when I was feeling a bit low in spirits.

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