Tuesday, September 01, 2015

2015 Trips- Trip No. 2- The Delhi Haul

After a gap of almost a year and half since my last visit to Delhi last Sunday I was there on a three day trip. I thought I would be quite excited at going to Delhi again after such a long time but apart from a mild eagerness I did not feel any excitement. The eagerness was because I would be meeting my mother who was staying with my younger brother, and also seeing my two nephews. I was going to attend a day long workshop at a hotel.

I learned that the venue of the workshop, Hotel Lalit, was quite close to Connaught Place. I made my plans to look for books and pens. Luckily this was a workshop where I didn’t have to speak. I just sat and listened to the various speakers. The lunch was sumptuous and everyone felt sleepy afterwards. After a while it got boring and I was impatient for the workshop to be over. At last, at around half past five I was able to leave. I walked over to CP and as usual walked around the circle once. I spotted Oxford Book Store and went in with the idea of sitting in the ‘Cha Bar’ and having tea. I was surprised to notice that the cafĂ© was crowded which wasn’t the case when I went in a couple of years ago when OBS was at some other place.
I decided to look around at the books and while doing so I spotted a book by the famous Tamil writer, Jayakanthan. The book was ‘A Man, A Home and A World’ which was an English version of his novel in Tamil. I was glad I found it because only recently I had read somewhere about what a wonderful writer Jayakanthan was. I got the book for Rs 150 and was content finding this one wonderful novel. One of these days I am going to begin it. Later I went to Nehru Place where I checked out the books at Nanda but couldn’t find anything worth buying. I had taken along ‘The Ivory Grin’ by Ross MacDonald to read during the plane journey. I managed to finish it on the way back to Hyderabad. Ross MacDonald is a wonderful writer and I plan to buy all his books though I have nearly ten of his titles.

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