Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Sunday Haul

Last month thought it did not actually rain much, there was a steady downpour of books in my life. This month it is raining cats and dogs outside almost every day and the downpour of books in my life hasn’t stopped either. In the sale of second hand books by Best Books at YMCA that was from 1-12 September I managed to buy a total of fifteen books in the four visits I made. At the same time, on Sundays I continued to go to Abids and pick up books as usual.
Last Sunday, at last, I found one of the missing titles in Len Deighton’s ‘Game, Set, Match’ trilogy. I found ‘Mexico Set’ in a pile of books selling for only thirty rupees. It was only recently that I had found ‘Berlin Game’ and the third in the trilogy, ‘London Match’ and ‘Mexico Set’ that I found completed the trilogy. Now that I have the trilogy I am planning to begin reading the first title and hope to find the missing titles in the remaining two trilogies of ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker’ and ‘Faith, Hope, and Charity.’
Another interesting find was ‘The Bookseller of Kabul’ by Asne Seirstad, a journalist. It was a non-fiction title about the time the author spent in Kabul living in the house of Sultan Khan, the book seller. I bought it because I love to read everything about books, booksellers, and also because I was getting it for only thirty rupees.
I was at the launch of Raghu Karnad’s ‘Farthest Field’ at the Taj Krishna earlier this week. I had read so many gushing reviews of this book that I not only attended the launch I also ended up buying the book and getting it signed by the author.

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