Friday, May 20, 2016

The Sunday Haul (on 15-05-2016)

Though Sunday morning turned out to be a pleasantly cool one on account of the heavy rainfall the night before I was a bit worried if there’d be water stagnating at Abids deterring the sellers. Last Saturday night it had rained quite heavily and there was a strong wind blowing too that caused many trees to topple over. I saw it in the morning while on my early morning walk. Large trees were uprooted and had fallen across the roads blocking movement of traffic. Some of the trees had fallen on the electricity poles causing a long power cut that lasted until afternoon on Sunday. When I got to Abids I was relieved to see all the sellers at their usual places.
The first title I saw was ‘The Interpreters’ by Wole Soyinka. At last I have managed to find one of his works after reading about him quite a long time back. The other title I found was ‘The Memory of Elephants’ by Boman Desai. I haven’t heard much about Boman Desai which was one reason why I decided to pick up this title apart from the interesting cover page. It was a hard cover and was publised by Andre Deutsch. The other Sunday I had seen an interesting title that I did not buy for some reason and when I wanted to buy it on Sunday the seller hadn’t come!

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