Friday, June 03, 2016

A Midweek Haul

The past two Sundays I haven’t been to Abids to look for books as is my habit. The Sunday before last I had to attend a funeral. Last Sunday I had to go to an event that went for a long time leaving me no time to go to Abids. It left me with a restlessness that comes to me when I am unable to go to Abids. Sometime on Wednesday or so I decided to drop in at the Abids branch of Best Books. I had seen a Hindi novel on my previous visit and I wanted to buy it. But when I tried to locate it I couldn’t. Looking around the hundreds of books on the shelves I spotted a cover that had ‘BOOKS’ on it. I took it out and saw that it was ‘BOOKS- Identification and Price Guide’ by Nancy Wright.
‘BOOKS’ had a few pages of what book collecting is and how to identify first editions and all that. The rest of the book was a lengthy list of books arranged alphabet wise and its likely price. Naturally I am terribly interested in anything that has got to do with books so I bought it. Going through it might help me find rare books or first editions next time I visit Abids or any second hand bookstore. I do not have many books on book collecting though I am quite desperate to lay my hands on something that has a lot of information. I hope someday I will come across a good guide.

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